Meeting Room Collaboration

AIS Conferencing Solutions that Enable Teams to Collaborate and Work Together More Efficiently

Logitech GROUP Kit with Intel NUC for Video CollaborationGiving your teams the collaboration tools they need to succeed together goes far beyond providing just the meeting space required. AIS strengthens collaborative business relationships and communication by offering powerful visualization and scheduling tools to support their daily meetings and conferences. AIS conference room scheduling touch panels and dedicated video conferencing systems are designed for 24/7 operation based on open platforms with powerful and energy efficient Intel® processors. AIS offers conference room scheduling touch panels with PoE technology powered by Intel® Celeron® N2930 processors, and dedicated video conferencing solutions based on the Intel® NUC with a powerful and energy efficient Core i5-5300U processor.  With a wide variety of available CPU selections, memory and storage options, and available operating systems, AIS is the perfect partner

A Complete Range of Scheduling, Video Conferencing & Computing Systems for Meeting Collaboration

AIS’s conference room scheduling solutions offer affordable processing, easy deployment with products based PoE technology, and Intel® NUCs that may be customized, pre-configured and tested for video conferencing solutions.


  • Highly available communication with dedicated systems
  • Open platforms enable wide range of available software
  • Windows-based systems with your preferred conferencing apps
  • Available fully configured to your specifications
  • Available with partner bundles through top distributors
  • Powerful processor and graphics for demanding applications
  • Low power consumption processors
  • Silent or near-silent operation up to 100% utilization
  • Support for multiple high-resolution displays
  • Validated for 24/7 round the clock operation

Video Collaboration

AIS pre-configured Intel® NUC in each conference room ensures faster meeting start-up times and a collaborative experience for attendees, whether they are in the same room or halfway across the world. The ultra-small form factor, powerful graphics capabilities, and low-acoustic footprint of the AIS assembled Intel® NUC enable your meetings to be more focused on your business.

Visualization Collaboration

AIS conference room scheduling touch panels are designed for 24/7 operation based on open platforms with powerful and energy efficient Intel® processors. AIS’ conference room scheduling touch panels are built with PoE technology, a system that safely transfers electrical power, along with data, to remote devices over standard category 5 ethernet cables.

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