The Visions behind AIS Ecosystem Partners

PartnersAIS understands the value and importance of Ecosystem Partners in providing the essential expertise and experiences in successfully implementing industrial automation, process control, machine, instrumentation and manufacturing solutions for our customers. We recognize that our solution partners play a key role in your overall success in pursuing new markets and opportunities.

From time to time we are aware that as a system integrator, you encounter challenges of combining complex HMI systems and control technologies in a rapidly changing business environment. AIS had constantly developed new ways in working with our solution partners in bridging the gap between these complex integration demands. Our support program enables you, our valued customers and ecosystem partners, to achieve measurable benefits while sharpening your competitive edge by using AIS HMI and control products. As a result, you can in turn serve your customers better, quicker and more efficiently.

Distribution Partners   |   HMI Software Partners

Quality & Reliability in Manufacturing

AIS is an ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance certified company. Our organization has planned, established, documented, and deployed a reliable business management system that focuses on continued improvement of our operations. Our integration centers are all ISO certified, providing sound and well documented processes that support consistently defect-free products, built on high quality principles and continuous improvement at all levels in the organization.

Technical Expertise

Our highly qualified engineers ensure that your AIS HMI products are packaged to withstand rugged and harsh industrial environments at all times, while considering all user interfaces (M2M and HMI) at the same time. AIS designs both standard and/or custom functional test fixtures for all HMI OIT products, to ensure that these operate efficiently, meet the highest quality standards, and confidently perform efficiently in the field. Combining industrial embedded boards and TFT LCD panels using a system-wide approach yields the best solution for you, our partners seeking optimum balance in quality, reliability and cost.

Project Management Experience
AIS has extensive integration experience with HMI and SCADA hardware systems, including high performance and reliable I/O connectivity for industrial automation and control industry. AIS offers complete project management; from analysis, execution, to documentation, all closely managed by a specialized AIS project development team. Up to date documentation, excellent communication, and continuous engineering/capability improvements are all practiced to provide the best possible support to all our EPP partners.

AIS System Integrator Partner (SIP) Benefits

  • AIS provides assistance and/or guidance in HMI, process and machines application development, training, and tools to help take advantage of technologies that reduce overall development costs and time-to-market.
  • AIS will work hard in identifying your customer’s product application requirements, in order to define the best possible HMI product portfolio that fits into system design. As a result, you will be providing your customers with the best available HMI technology and support, translating into profit increase and end-customer satisfaction.
  • AIS SIP partners have access to an optimized scope of supply, and the extensive integration experiences of our engineers; resulting into a smoother and a more cost-effective engineering support process. Moreover, you will also have access to our engineering tools for electronics, mechanical and system-level engineering; as well as our HMI and control engineering know-how.
  • AIS offers the opportunity to showcase your company on our Web site – to take advantage of our powerful Web presence and display your products, services, and systems.
  • Lastly, as a valued SIP, you can participate in joint marketing opportunities – to get involved in AIS direct mailers, events, and PR efforts to augment your company’s sales and marketing efforts.
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