Global Drilling Waste Management Market

Date: 5/5/2014

The Global Drilling Waste Management Market Is Expected To Grow To Approximately $8 Billion by 2018, At A CAGR of More Than 10% from 2013 To 2018

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Drilling waste management market witnessed high growth in recent years due to increased environmental concerns and regulatory norms imposed by local governments. The key services include solids treatment, containment & handling, and treatment & disposal activities for safe discharge of drilling waste generated. Market is estimated to reach about $8 billion by 2018, signifying a firm growth rate of over 10% from 2013 to 2018.

Waste management in drilling operations is a critical constituent for successful drilling operations as it generates a substantial amount of wastes that include fluids and excavated cuttings. The safe techniques in drilling waste management market are selected based on the objectives of maximizing fluid recovery and recycle waste fluids for operations, while reducing the actual disposal volumes. In response to the increasing stringent government regulations, the service providers continue to develop purpose-built services intended to handle and treat the waste streams generated by drilling operations. The trend is set to continue further with the current surge in offshore activities and unconventional resources exploratory activities.

Currently, strict environmental compliance forces operators to implement cost efficient practices and treatments that need to be addressed and correspond to safe disposal policies. The ongoing and upcoming developments in offshore drilling and upcoming shale exploration and production activities are high opportunity areas for drilling waste management market.

North America and Europe are the major markets that grew rapidly in the past decade, while upcoming markets like South America, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific markets are witnessing stricter regulatory norms for drilling activities and are likely to be hot spots for the industry. The estimation also includes the global drilling waste management market by the intensity of drilling activities and regional and local governmental policies over the waste discharge.

Geographically, the market has been studied for different regions such as Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America, and South America. The value of the market is analyzed in detail for all major countries. The study covers different strategies such as contract agreements, equipment supply, and mergers & acquisition, geographical expansions, and others. Schlumberger (U.S.), National Oilwell Varco (U.S.), Halliburton Energy Services (U.S.), Secure Energy services (U.S.), Scomi (Malaysia), Newalta (U.S.), and Baker Hughes (U.S.), are dominant market leaders that provide specialized services and solutions.

Market is estimated to reach about $8 billion by 2018, signifying a firm growth rate of over 10% from 2013 to 2018. To learn more > Waste Management Market in Drilling by Solids Control Services, Containment & Handling, and Treatment & Disposal Services  and Onshore & Offshore Applications 


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