Sales & Services

Sales & ServicesAIS stays abreast of the latest advances in the industry, adding value to your products and services with preliminary scope of work and pricing, project requirements planning, prototype planning & execution, first article planning and execution, initial production, on-going production, forecast and ordering requirements and processes.

Approach & Methodology

  • No "missing links" later in the projects that can cause a domino effect of failure in the production cycle
  • Allows requirements testing and certification to occur prior to first production runs assuring proper accreditation to requirements

Preliminary Scope of Work & Pricing

  • Setup and structuring of contractual, forecast and ordering requirements and processes
  • Assembly specifications
  • Loading of required software applications
  • Testing per agreed upon procedures between customers and AIS

Project Requirements Planning

  • Product configurations and how often they change
  • Anticipated system volumes
  • Anticipated forecasting process and production schedule
  • Testing considerations
  • Ordering considerations (PO, EDI, systemic, etc.)
  • Staging and logistics considerations (shipping, billing, etc.)

Prototype Planning & Execution

  • The phase 1 prototype will be designed, built, and tested with components selected to meet the final design requirements
  • During prototyping, AIS will recommend components and develop a documentation set that will allow a better "Ease of Manufacturing"
  • Upon completion of the prototyping phase, unit(s) will be tested to functional requirements

First Article Planning & Execution

  • Final testing and any required certifications (Safety, EMC, etc.) to the requirements inclusive of a certification report Deliverable and any Certifications (UL, etc.) required
  • Forecasting / provisioning process / managing multiple configurations
  • Quote / order process
  • Build / delivery process
  • RMA / maintenance process
  • Scope updates and changes, program

Initial Production

  • The program manager will manage every aspect of production and delivery through the integration and logistics centers. He/she will employ continuous Improvement methodologies to not only maintain quality output, but also work towards increased efficiency and lower cost
  • He/she also develop a program workbook that will contain all applicable documentation including instructions and processes necessary to maintain the high quality level of production

On-Going Production

  • On-going production will continue per the program workbook with reviews and revisions made as necessary and as agreed to by AIS and customers.
  • As part of on-going production AIS and customers will conduct quarterly business reviews (QBR), to discuss the state of business and to review business performance issues and improvement initiatives.

Program & Account Manager

  • Single point of contact for implementation requirements
  • Creates master implementation timeline with input from AIS internal resources as well as customers feedback
  • Manages implementation timeline to keep all tasks on schedule to reach milestones and bring project to completion on schedule
  • Manages component road maps and End of Life (EOL) support
  • Cost reduction initiatives

Return to Depot - Warranty

  • RMA requests for integrated products must be received within one year from the invoice date
  • Defective material will be repaired or replaced in accordance with AIS warranty return policies

Extended Warranty

  • AIS offers extended warranty options. An extended warranty provides you with budgetary ease and convenience plus the peace of mind that any problem will be solved quickly and effectively
  • Extended warranty services are offered up to 3 years

Advance Replacement

  • The AIS advance replacement program is a premium service offering that provides the customer with advance replacement options and strict revision control for the systems that they sell
  • This program is not an extension of a warranty but a "fee for service"

End of Life (EOL) Notifications

  • AIS part number and/or supplier part number
  • Last time buy date
  • Last time ship date
  • Order non-cancelable date
  • Last date the factory will accept returns
  • Date the part will become obsolete
  • Manufacturer replacement part; if available

Supply Chain Analysis

  • Identify available stock of EOL part
  • Review customers' forecast requirements
  • EOL replacement planning
  • Last time buy of EOL part
  • Supplier escalation
  • Communication to customers
  • Execute plan
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