Design & Manufacturing Process

Design & Manufacturing ProcessAIS design services can assist in all or part of the design flow. Our in-depth knowledge of the fab and processes provide a substantial advantage when implementing state-of-the art designs that reach the boundaries of technology.

design engineers

  • Advanced manufacturing engineer (AME) – input vital to fabrication and assembly process  management
  • Component engineer – component cost, performance characteristics, reliability ratings, availability and delivery schedules
  • Process engineer – assembly operations, process and equipment qualification, mounting requirements
  • Manufacturing engineer – assemble components, process and equipment maintenance, manufacturing procedures, training, continuous process improvement requirements
  • Test engineer – component, PCB, and PCBA ICT and functional test requirements

System Design

  • Mechanical solution
    • System design: Sheet metal, plastics, castings
    • Packing design
  • Hardware solution
    • System design
    • PCBA design
  • Software solution
    • System software
    • Firmware
    • Device drivers
  • Verification and Validation
    • Reliability testing
    • Functional test
    • Regulatory certification

Design Control

  • Procedures to control design process
  • Design and development plans
  • Technical interfaces identified and documented
  • Customer requirements fully documented
  • Identification of regulatory requirements
  • Design reviews
  • Documentation available to show design output meets specification
  • Design verification and  validation
  • Control of design changes
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